Free Mom Hugs 

Southern Ontario

Adult Volunteers

Karol De Stefano is our FMHSO Adult Volunteer Coordinator. if you are interested in volunteering with FMHSO. We have many opportunities for you to volunteer and support the LGBTQ2S+ community! 

- Huggers at Pride events (when safe to do so)

- Drivers to deliver shirts, lawn signs, cupcakes, care packages and more.

- "As You Are" Productions Canada support

Karol can be reached through FB messenger or email: [email protected] 

Youth Volunteers (12-17 years)

Our Youth Volunteer program is currently at capacity.

Jessica Anderson is our FMHSO Youth Volunteer Coordinator. Please contact her at [email protected] if you or your child is interested in joining our wait list to become one of our youth volunteers. 

LGBTQ2S+ youth and youth allies were invited to join our Youth Volunteer Committee. We needed a younger voice to help us out with social media, contests and our Youtube show production and research. All meetings are on zoom for now and we encourage everyone to choose tasks that suit them and their talents. We could not be happier with this new initiative, as the kiddos participating so far are so creative, kind and enthusiastic. 

Volunteer hours are tracked to submit for high school volunteer hours, by request.