Free Mom Hugs 

Southern Ontario

Who We Are

Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario is a group of parents, friends, allies and LGBTQ2S+ members, who offer unconditional love and support to LGBTQ2S+ community in Southern Ontario. You do not have to be a mom to join! All welcome!

Our Mission

To provide members of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Southern Ontario a safe space where they feel loved and accepted as they are.

To attend several Pride events in Southern Ontario each year to offer hugs and a meaningful moments of unconditional love to those that need it most.

To provide LGBTQ2S+ resources to the community and their families.

To collaborate and provide support to LGBTQ2S+ agencies, organizations and program partnerships we have made on shared initiatives in Southern Ontario.

To provide support and leadership to our new Youth Committee (many who identify as LGBTQ2S+). 

To provide mentorship and support to those in need. 

To promote our message of unconditional love and acceptance through our new podcast (coming soon). 

Our Vision

A world without LGBTQ2S+ harassment, discrimination or hate.

A world where "a mom hug" from a stranger is no longer needed because LGBTQ2S+ people are loved, accepted and celebrated for who they are by their friends and family.



To recognize, accept and celebrate people as they are, for who they are. To promote acceptance of LGBTQ2S+ community members.


To promote inclusion of all LGBTQ2S+ community members. To continually work towards building a community where people's sexuality and gender are respected and valued equally. People from all racial and religious backgrounds are welcome in our group. While the original Free Mom Hugs group's values are faith-centred, Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario values are not based on any specific religious beliefs. All welcome! 

Love & Support

To provide for the LGBTQ2S+ community from a place of love and support, always. To promote "love is love" and support those that need it most, especially those that are not getting support at home (or have been asked to leave home after coming out). To support parents of LGBTQ2S+ youth dealing with their own emotions and wanting to best support their child after coming out.


To advocate for LGBTQ2S+ issues in Southern Ontario. To advocate and support other Free Mom Hugs chapters worldwide, as part of a wider movement. 


To share from our own experiences (as many of us are members of the LGBTQ2S+ ourselves) and to share resources that support our LGBTQ2S+ group members, as needed.