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“As You Are” is a 60 minute, weekly upbeat and lively news-style YouTube Program,

offering unconditional love and support to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

“As You Are”, an inspirational and fun YouTube program, brought to you by Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario, celebrates the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. We will be highlighting trending TikTok and other social media posts, local and international news and reading letters of the week. Intertwined with special guests calling in, music and inspiring shout-outs from Canada’s most beloved spokespeople and celebrities, our program will share our message that we love and accept everyone “As You Are”.

Co-hosted by Martha, a cis/female proud, rainbow mom and Jess, a proud lesbian/female rainbow child, along with weekly guest hosts who represent the youngest to eldest of our community. “As You Are” offers multigenerational perspectives and celebrates courage, community, and creativity.

Segments Include:

“You’ve Been Clocked”

The latest news headlines read by co-hosts Martha & Jess and their guests (with commentary/banter)


Members of Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario nominated someone in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community  to be celebrated and recognized by The Moms. With a little help from our generous business sponsors, Burlington Dads Group and donations from our members. each recipient will be honoured and celebrated in a BIG way. 

“Hot Socials”

Best TikToks / social media trending this week


2SLGBTQIA+ friendly business highlights & sponsor recognitions


Improv sketch of hateful letters and social media comments from the media blind read / re-enacted by a sketch comedy troupe. This segment will powerfully express the absurdity of hate.

“The Hack Trick”

A recipe, life hack or other helpful advice from “Mom” of the week

Each podcast will end with “Unconditional Love”, an original song by Robin Magder-Pierce. Click here to listen.

A beautiful music video with a montage of creatively placed resources and sponsors will play us out.

Co-produced by Martha Christianson, The Infinity Forge and Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario, in collaboration with several municipal and Southern Ontario community sponsors. Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario and “As You Are” are both grassroots volunteer organizations, but stipends for those involved in our “As You Are” production may be available in the future. 

Martha Christianson (she/her)

[email protected]

(905) 730-1155